At Spine & Rehab Solutions, our therapists specialize in treating patients at risk for falls. At Spine & Rehab Solutions, at-risk patients undergo a thorough examination to determine the factors that are contributing to their tendency to fall, such as poor balance, blood pressure, sensation loss, vertigo, stiffness, weakness, inflexibility, deconditioning, etc.

At Spine & Rehab Solutions, we also offer Dynamic Balance Assessment using the Korebalance. The Korebalance™ System is also used for 3D interactive balance training, using the latest in virtual and interactive technology. The Korebalance™ System offers you, as a physical therapy patient, innovative and high-tech balance assessment and training. Backed by over two decades of medical experience, the Korebalance™ will provide you, a physical therapy patient, with the best possible documented neurosensory assessment and training. You can find out more about the Korebalance™ System here.

Patients are then placed on a comprehensive program specifically designed to correct impairments, normalize balance, educate about fall risks and get them headed back down the road to an active, normal lifestyle. If you or someone you know has experienced falls or fear of falls is limiting their quality of life, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We will be glad to assist you in determining the best route to your recovery.

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Sharon Young, PT, DSc - Dr. Young is the owner of Spine and Rehab Solutions. She is an orthopedic physical therapist with extensive rehab experience treating patients ranging from adolescents to geriatrics.
Dr. Sharon Young, PT

Gail Williamson, PT - Gail is a McKenzie trained physical therapist with fifteen years of hands-on experience in orthopedic physical therapy. She is knowledgeable in treating a wide variety of orthopedic.
Dr, Gail Williamson, PT

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