Work conditioning is an integral part of functional restoration at Spine & Rehab Solutions. It is incorporated into the physical therapy program to assist patients in optimizing their physical abilities in the performance of their occupations. Specific strengthening and conditioning programs can also be implemented for patients seeking to return to the workplace or who have very demanding jobs.

The focus of these programs is to increase your strength, your endurance and your flexibility while incorporating job- specific task training. Work conditioning is a program that has set weekly sessions and hours. If you need to be 100% to return to work, then this program can be designed specifically to meet your needs.

If injury or illness is prohibiting you or someone you know from working or performing your job at 100% call our office today. To set up an appointment for a Work Conditioning Program, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We will be glad to assist you in determining your needs and constructing the best program for you.

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Sharon Young, PT, DSc - Dr. Young is the owner of Spine and Rehab Solutions. She is an orthopedic physical therapist with extensive rehab experience treating patients ranging from adolescents to geriatrics.
Dr. Sharon Young, PT

Gail Williamson, PT - Gail is a McKenzie trained physical therapist with fifteen years of hands-on experience in orthopedic physical therapy. She is knowledgeable in treating a wide variety of orthopedic.
Dr. Gail Williamson, PT

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